What If You Could Build Your MOST Successful Interior Design Biz With Easy Confidence, Low Stress and More Profit...
...Especially if your are a Creative, Sensitive or Empath
If you are a professional interior designer running your own design biz (or finally ready to launch your own biz!) and you wrestle with stressors like getting more and ideal clients, driving profit, and managing what feels like endless stress then you are in the right place!

If you're anything like I was back when I first started my design biz, then I'm guessing that you're so ready to earn more, stressless, drop the overwhelm, and finally be more confident, at ease and excited about your business again.
...all while being a Creative, Sensitive or Empath. 
I’m here to tell you that when you learn to lean into your creativity and sensitivity, along with proven design biz strategy, it unleashes momentum and biz success you probably don’t even think is possible.

As Creatives, Sensitives and Empaths, we naturally feel “the currents” more than others, and the inherent stress involved in running an interior design biz can be particularly taxing for us.
In fact, it’s downright exhausting going it alone.
It's what I call Lonely Leader Syndrome.
It’s an endless cycle of trying to figure it out yourself, spinning your wheels and maybe even commiserating with other designers who are having the same struggles, but offering you no solutions. Youch...

Designers report in alarming numbers that they are heavily weighed down by high stress and burnout along with low earnings, profit, and peace. Meanwhile, muscling through it alone only leads to more stress and suffering.

The truth is: Most design business owners in their first 8 years of business are not where they want to be… The stress and fatigue are high, the earnings are too low, the pipeline stress is never-ending, client management isn’t always a walk in the park - and quality of life is either out the window or in the toilet.  

I’ve seen too many talented designers get discouraged and either continue to play small or just quit. They mistakenly believe that being a "Creative", and not a business-school-person, means they’re probably not hardwired for success - BIG success - and definitely not with ease.
But, that's where you're WRONG.
It’s not you. It’s that you bought into the chatter - and don’t yet understand how to lean into your creative nature and the right design biz strategy to propel your success. 
You want a hugely successful design biz. I want it for you too!
You crave more money, a full pipeline, and clients you love working with.
Marketing and networking should be a breeze, not the bane of your existence...
Imagine waking up each day with your creative and biz tanks feeling full and literally thinking, “Oh my gosh…I’m actually living my dream. I get paid to do this.”

Instead of where you are right now, on the hamster wheel of striving and struggle, with a side order of compare and despair…comparing yourself to other designers you THINK have it together. 

The reality is this... 

The business world doesn’t know how to teach Creative and Sensitives to rock it in business.
We need a seamless plan of action and proven strategy that works, acknowledges our nature, and uses that to create momentum when combined with equally amazing design business strategy that makes monetizing creativity a clear, seamless path.

Without that, my friend, you’ll continue to struggle, and it’s not a lack of effort on your part…
  • Maybe you have been trying to muscle through and yet you’re not gaining any traction
  • ​Maybe you’ve tried working with business coaches, but they’ve missed the boat because they're biz people and not sensitives or empaths and you end up feeling burnt out and overwhelmed using their tactics.
  • ​Maybe you are stuck in procrastination station, burning yourself out, or ready to quit altogether because “maybe this business owner thing isn’t for you…”
And, what's worse is...
If you don't solve the problem now, you'll end up even further down the rabbit hole of failure and have nothing to show for it except the aftermath of high stress, burnout, and financial meltdown.
That’s why I created The Successful Design Biz Academy for interior designers like you, who are running their own design business and crave a hugely successful biz that is highly profitable and emotionally fulfilling. 

You want to say no to the soul-crushing exhaustion and fatigue from trying to muscle through the chaos and confusion of business ownership, especially as the talented designer, Creative, Sensitive, or Empath that you are.

I created this for you, just for you, as an empath myself. I know the struggle is real, but my wise and talented friend….I have carved the path for you. I’m ready to take you there.

And you’ll be relieved to know that everything that you get with The Successful Design Biz Academy isn’t going to cost you $10,000. ( colleagues thought I should price it there, or higher.)

But, I knew I wanted to empower more Sensitives, Creatives, and Empaths like me to ROCK their design businesses, so ….

Instead, it’s only $7 payments of $347...
A high-touch, one-of-a-kind interior design business and mindset mastery coaching program geared specifically for interior design business owners who are Creatives, Sensitives or Empaths so that they can learn to apply my proven methods and processes to build their greatest business success, while also leaning into their nature as a Creatives, Sensitive or Empath to unleash their greatest confidence, clarity, and success. 

The Successful Design Biz Academy is designed specifically for professional interior designers who have been in their biz for 8 years or less, or even who are just starting out …and frankly it’s fabulous even for those who are just not yet getting the results you want…STILL. 

This is for you if YOU WANT TO...
You want to love your biz, fill your pipeline, grow your confidence and let us not forget the best part….earn more money, stress less and finally be more confident, at ease and excited in your business again. 
You get your first or next high-paying client.
You receive raving testimonials from your perfect clients.
You feel more confident and at ease in your business than ever before.
Before you know it, you are a high-earning, in-demand Interior Design Business.
Now, How good would it feel if you could...
  • Turn the wrong clients away because you don't need the business.
  • ​Feel new confidence, knowing exactly what to do to move forward with ease in your business.
  • ​Network like a pro and with ease to steadily fill your client pipeline.
  • Experience financial success and inner peace.
  • ​Go from endless self-doubt and negative self-talk to centered, confident, clear, calm - and oh yeah... CONFIDENT - in ONLY 6 months!
YOU've tried it your way...
NOW how about trying it my way? (Said the empath and coach who launched her, now, 7-figure design biz at the start of the 2008 recession!)

You’ve tried muscling through, but had no luck because the methods taught for those “business-types” don’t work for us Creative-, Sensitive- or Empath-types. :) 

Maybe you tried working with "business coaches" who fell short because they're non-creatives, or just not sensitives or empaths. The disappointment you felt at having taken a chance with it but it just didn’t “take” - it didn’t kick in or sustain itself. 

It's NOT you. It's the process you tried. 

Maybe now, you endlessly procrastinate and suffer through the agony of running a lacklustre business heading toward burnout. Negative self-talk runs through your head - “ could you ever possibly succeed as a ‘creative-type’?”

Sound familiar?
I get it because i've been there.
I struggled with starting my own interior design biz, and during the 2008 recession to boot. I tried hiring business coaches and taking programs, but they all fell short because they didn’t address my sensitive and empathic nature (like most other designers and creatives). But, it wasn’t just that…

There are massive moving parts in a design biz and coupled with the constant pressure and inherent stress… It was particularly taxing for me and trying to muscle through it all nearly did me in…
My whole life I thought my sensitive nature was my weakness. I tried to “be more like” my husband, my female biz coach, my cousin…anyone unlike me.

Nothing worked, until…

I discovered how to turn what I perceived as my sensitivity into a powerful tool that created clarity, confidence, momentum…and success. When I used and applied it to excellent and proven design business success strategies and processes that I’d created along the way.

I swear to you, my husband (the noncreative, non-sensitive guy whom I adore), eventually even asked me, “How the hell do you do and create what you do? You’re incredible.”
I had figured this out. I knew I had uncovered the keys to my success and my business had changed forever.

I have built an award-winning, highly sought-after 7-figure luxury design firm that helped to mold and shape me into the wise design woman, coach, mentor, and author that I am today.
I want the same for you, my lovely...
...whatever your goal. Your first high 5-figure year? Your first 6-figure year? Higher still? ;
The Successful Design Biz Academy is
unlike any other 6-month design business coaching program...
...because I developed it to help other designers just like me, and who want to go from stress to success in ways they never dreamed possible. 

And yes, I am a highly sensitive empath who has built an in-demand 7-figure interior design business, which I started at the beginning of the great recession.
Hi, I’m Donna Hoffman!
I’m a Luxury Design Biz Owner and Leading Interior Design Coach who helps professional design biz owners, and those just starting out, to master the art of building and scaling a highly-profitable and successful design business, as Creatives, Sensitives and Empaths.

After 15+ years spent building and running a 7-figure, multi-award winning luxury interior design business, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to struggle as a Creative, Sensitive, or Empath who tend to be be on the shy side - especially when it comes to signing new clients, having money conversations, and managing client demands after the contract is signed.

Over time, I’ve learned how to create a hugely successful design biz that is highly-profitable and sought-after, allowing me the space to focus on the emotionally fulfilling work I love, without the procrastination or burn out that I see so many designers face.

And I can help you do the same.